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Hello, I'm Simon Verrall and if you've read this far you’ve probably realised that I'm an amateur photographer at weekends and a digital marketer during the week. This little website brings together my love of the web and taking photos. You'll also find me out on the water quite a lot! Happy days!

My day job is at digital agency Wisetiger. We work in the hospitality and leisure sector, including restaurants, student accommodation, fitness and wellbeing. We specialise in the planning and design of websites and digital marketing programmes with a niche for implementing third-party platforms into websites to make the process of booking a room, joining online or managing a membership as straightforward and as easy as possible. We've got all the knowledge and expertise needed to drive email, social, content and digital marketing. We do a good job, we drive success and we have happy clients.

I keep myself busy. Family comes first (most of the time!) but when I'm not taking photos I'm racing a Solo Dinghy, running on The South Downs, cooking up something spectacular in the kitchen or being nerdy about nature.  

Do get in touch. Happy to talk about taking photos, digital marketing, sailing, badgers, the demise of SSSIs, running marathons, the parsley or coriander question – or just about anything else...

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