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25 March 2016

Bournemouth, Dorset

Easter weekend in Bournemouth. I spent most of my childhood in Bournemouth, when we were kids we seemed to spend forever on the beach, sand in our shoes, freckles on our nose and salt in our hair. Summers lasted forever and it never rained!

Let's be honest, Boscombe isn't one of Britain's great piers. The current structure dates mostly to the 1950s and is built from reinforced concrete. The original pier was built in the 1880s with landing platforms for steam boats to take day-trippers out into Poole Bay. In the 1920s it was extended and a theatre added, but much of the end of the pier was demolished in World War II to prevent it from being used in the event of a German invasion.


After the war it remained in a tatty state until the 1950s when the modernist concrete structure was added – a fine example of 50s concrete architecture though it could be easily overlooked! Take me back to the 1970s and I can recall watching the Basil Brush Show at Boscombe Pier's Mermaid Theatre. Boom boom! Which is what happened next when the structure was considered so unsafe that the pier was closed...

Roll forwards to 2008 and the restored pier was reopened. It's actually quite cool but don't expect to walk to the end to buy fish and chips or to spend your money in an arcade.

I've added a few other Boscombe Pier photos to the gallery.


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