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East Head


08 May 2011

East Head, Sussex



Clearly no man nor object can hold back the tide, and East Head's old sea defences prove the fable true. Poor old East Head is in a never-ending battle with the sea and the wind. Stand on the beach on a stormy winter's day and you can literally watch the beach and the dunes disappear in front of your eyes. I believe (and I could be wrong!) that this old sea wall was built by prisoners from Ford Open Prison in the 1960s to help restore the beach after it was swept away during a particularly fierce storm. Fine lot of good it did because it now stands about 50 yards below the high tide mark! But it does look good when the tide is out.

It's a well-photographed location, and you'll see plenty of similar shots to this on Flickr and Insta and 500px. It's easy to find and very accessible from West Wittering car park. The main problems with taking a photo at East Head are (a) people getting in the way and (b) the sea getting in the way. Obviously it's a nuisance that people want to use the beach while you're taking photographs and I find shouting and waving your arms can keep them away for a while. The tide on the other hand never does what its told.


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