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11 December 2016

East Head, Sussex

My first trip to East Head was when I was at art school. We drove to the Witterings in my girlfriend's Mum's car, a green VW Scirocco which was pretty cool with its sporty dashboard and Blaupunkt stereo/cassette. The tide was out and we roamed the winter beach writing our names in the sand. Happy days.

The Witterings and East Head are very popular seaside destinations, definitely quieter in the winter on short, cold days with thin light and crisp air. Avoid the place at the height of summer or you'll find yourself queuing with the masses on the Chichester Road. I kid you not, the tailback from the car park at West Wittering beach can literally last all day.

The view here is from East Head looking across the lagoon towards West Wittering. If you have an interest in coastal erosion you'll see from a map that East Head is a sand spit that is slowly moving east. Sooner or later the lagoon will silt up and become dry land, though I suspect it won't happen soon! I think I read somewhere that the beach between the sea and the lagoon was breached by a storm in the 1960s, and for a short while East Head was an island. Don't take my word for it but I think some prisoners from nearby Ford open prison were bussed in every day to fill in the gap. Google it if you don't believe me.


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