Centre ground


18 November 2018

Goodwood, West Sussex

In these uncertain pre-Brexit times (this post is dated 18 November 2018 so if you're reading this at a later date any irony may be lost!), I was amused by a pair of oak trees, one of them standing to the right of centre (yet leaning to the left) and the other tree standing in the centre ground. Perhaps it's a reasonable metaphor for the state of the nation, or perhaps I'm just barking up the wrong tree?

So I'm celebrating the arrival of my new Canon 6D Mark II with a couple of photos of some trees on the Goodwood Estate. Honestly, the weather has been rubbish for the last few weeks so with every hope that I would get some scarce sunshine I headed up the hill to where the horizon is dead flat and where, if you get down low enough to the ground, you can frame the tree with nothing in the background but sky. Cool heh?

So my main photo at the top of the page is called 'Occupying the centre ground'. The one above is called 'Right of centre, but leaning to the left'.


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