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The End


16 August 2015

Shoreham, Sussex

This pretty picture hides a dirty little secret. This is where all the wee and poo from the good people of Shoreham ends up in the sea. Sure it gets processed first, but this is a sewage outfall and I’m guessing that the fish and lobsters grow big and strong here!

I’m being a little unfair. Shoreham’s beaches have excellent water quality ratings, with stretches of the nearby coast designated as swimming beaches and wildlife reserves. But did you know that raw sewage is still sometimes pumped straight into the sea? Google it and you’ll discover that in 2017 Southern Water pumped as much as 17 million litres of untreated sewage straight into the sea at Worthing, at a rate of 1,000 litres per second. Dig deeper and you’ll discover that raw sewage is pumped into the sea all around the UK coast, and if the wind and the tide are traveling towards the shore? Well you know what happens next. 


There’s an organisation called ‘Surfers Against Sewage’ (the other SAS). Do support them because they’re doing a sterling effort in monitoring all the floaters and tampons that get dumped straight out to sea. We really need to look after our coast and shorelines, and the SAS are now on the front line in the war against plastic waste too.

Back to the photo. Unfortunately people enjoy fishing from the end of the outfall, which can be pretty annoying if you want to take a clean picture with nobody in the way. Shouting and waving at fishermen, or even politely asking them to move so you can take a photograph simply doesn’t work. It just makes them angry. Let’s not go there.


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