18 October 2018

Andalucía, Spain

It's my birthday! What a great view at the start of my special day :-)

That's Morocco in the distance, dwarfing a huge container ship traveling west. To the right is the port of Tangier and to the left is Ceuta. Cueta is an annexe of Morocco that's owned by Spain. Just like Gibraltar is an annexe of Spain that's owned by the UK. Mmmm. That's interesting. So Spain complain about Gibraltar, yet they have the same arrangement over on the African coast?


Take a look at this Google Map if you've never heard of Ceuta, and next time a Spanish friend is banging on about why Gibraltar should be back in Spanish hands just remind them about their secret enclave across the water in Morocco. 

The Straits mark meeting point of the Atlantic and the Meditteranean. The big lump emerging from the mist is the mountain of Jebel Musa which is about 2,800ft high. Along with the Rock of Gibraltar it's considered to be one of the 'Pillars of Hercules', which in Greek times marked the end of the world. After this point it was likely that wayward sailors would literally fall off.

Personally I'd say this view is one of the most magical views on the planet. I could  sit and watch it all day, especially on my birthday.


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