27 September 2018

Midhurst, West Sussex

There are lots of days when I think to myself how lucky I am. I work in London, and in Hampshire, and I also spend lots of time working from home on The South Downs. Of course I know that God's own country is Yorkshire, but with the South Downs on your doorstep what is there to complain about?

I take a lot of landscape photos on my way to work. It's a fortunate combination of commuting at the crack of dawn, living in an area where there's lots of mist, and finding the time to stop and stare at the natural world. There really is so much beauty out there. If you know where to look of course.


I have some Jehovah's Witnesses that call at my door from time to time. They're nice enough folk and interesting too. This week they called and told me that God creates all the beautiful scenery that we see about us, and that beautiful sunsets prove that he exists. And maybe they'r right. But if that's the case, why are so many people oblivious to it all? These woods are by the side of a busy road. How many thousands of people drive past every day and can't see the wood for the trees?

So here's my moment of contemplation. Trees in the mist.


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